Top 5 Best WordPress Backup Plugins

Backup has become a mandatory thing especially when it comes to Word press. Security in this era has become a necessary part of our lives, Looking after your product has become an obligation. Likewise, Your blog needs your attention regarding security and data. With each passing day, The number of hacked word press websites is increasing rapidly with huge data loss.

Seriously data loss complaints are now everywhere, people lose their data every day mostly when they got hacked. In this regard, to keep a backup of your website is the must.

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In this article, I have brought a list of 5 best WordPress backup plugins that you must install right before starting up your blog. These plugins are reliable and will take care of your data by backing it up on regular basis.

List Of 5 Best WordPress Backup Plugins:

Out of thousands or I must say millions, these 5 Effective WordPress Backup Plugins are going to change your perception regarding WordPress backup.


Backup Buddy is giant and best among all. Secures First Position in the race of best WordPress backup plugins.

Backup Buddy secures the number one position due to many factors. Despite, its Premium ship and no free option. It is the leading one in the race of backup plugins.


  • Hourly Backup: Provides the option of backing up data hourly/weekly/daily/monthly. You can set timing as per your wish.
  • Notify via Email: You will receive emails by a backup buddy with the attachment of your backup on daily basis. This is one of the charming features.
  • Restore with Import Buddy Option: Backup Buddy allows you to restore or move your website quickly with just one click. Import Buddy is the special feature of Backup Buddy which plays the game of restoring the website.
  • Keep your files safely on Cloud: Backup buddy sends your backup to several cloud platforms including Google Drive, Dropbox etc.
  • Automatic Backups: In Backup Buddy, you can set timings on which your backup must be created. Backup Buddy will backup your website by itself. You just need to enable automatic Word press backups option in the plugin.
  • Services: Backup Buddy offers access to several sites that you tick while buying the plugin. It includes free 1 GB storage, supports, and forums. This is one of the key advantages of Backup Buddy which makes it WordPress best plugin in the race of backups.


The only drawback according to me is its Premium ship. Yes, you can not get Backup Buddy Free. You need to pay some bucks to get it.

Download Backup Buddy


BACKUPWordPress has charming features that is why it is at 2nd spot of Top 5 Best WordPress backup plugins

This is another great plugin to keep a backup of your WordPress.


  • User-Friendly Options: Backup WordPress is pretty easy to use. Simple and responsive features make it in the list of best.
  • Notify via Email: Similar to Backup Buddy, It also supports feature of notifying the user regarding the backup, you will get an attached-backup-file email straight way into your inbox. You just need to set the timings.
  • Considerable Support: The support of the plugin is fairly good.
  • Translations: Provides feature to translate the plugin into several languages including Spanish, German, Chinese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Lithuanian, Italian, Czech, Dutch, French, Basque.
  • FREE! 


  • No Backup Storage: Backup WordPress does not provide any backup-free storage.
  • No Restore  Feature: It does not allow the user to restore the data. It only supports to backup the data.

Download Backup WordPress


VaultPress is one of the finest and renown backup plugins secure 3rd position in the Top 5 best WordPress backup plugins.

Vault Press is one of the key plugins in the race of best WordPress backup plugins. Besides its heavy expense, It gives full support to users.


  • Remarkable Security: This is one of the key features of Vault Press. Vault Press besides providing backup also offers the security. It scans your website with the passage of time and detects vulnerabilities.
  • Applaudable Support: The support center of Vault Press dominates the other two. They provide 24/7 support to users.
  • Daily Backups: Provides backups on regular basis.
  • Stats regarding posts: One of the additional features of Vault Press is that it shows stats of the goings-on activities on your blog regarding posts and comments.
  • Restore: It has the restore capability.


  • Expensive: Contrary to Pros, it is one of the expensive plugins of WordPress. It outweighs the other plugins in price.
  • No Multi-Site Support: It does not provide support for Multiple Site. It means you can use this plugin for only a single.

Download VaultPress

4. UpdraftPlus

Updraft Plus is at number 4 in the race of WordPress backup plugins

UpdraftPlus backup plugin is also a good choice for backing up your data in the meantime.


  • FREE: UpdraftPlus is completely Free.
  • Resume Upload Feature: UpdraftPlus gives an automatic resume to failed upload files.
  • Migrate: UpdraftPlus has one of the finest migrating tools. You can easily migrate or move your WordPress in UpdraftPlus.
  • Translation: Available in multiple languages.
  • Control multiple sites with Single Dashboard: This is one of the fascinating features, It means you can handle more than one website via single Dashboard provided by UpdraftPlus.


  • No Storage Backup Space.
  • No Repair Database Option.

 Download UpdraftPlus

5. Duplicator

WordPress Duplicator secures 5th position in the race of WordPress Backup Plugins

Duplicator is mostly called when you need to move or migrate your website. But besides this, It also has fine backup phenomena.

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  • Both Free and Pro Versions: This is an exciting feature of Duplicator. You can get it Free with limited features and Pro with additional stunning features.
  • Easy Migration Step: It guarantees three steps migration of complete website.


  • No Automated Backup Schedule.
  • No Translation Feature
  • Focuses mostly on Migration rather than backups.

Download Duplicator

Concluding Remarks

The above-mentioned WordPress backup plugins are one of the finest and reliable backup plugins. As far as the quality and features are concerned, you need to go through with the advantages and few drawbacks of backup plugins and as it is mentioned clearly. But, My preference of placing Back Up Buddy at number # 1 is due to several factors. The remaining four are quite good, and seriously it depends totally upon your requirements. If you think that Free Backup Plugins are enough to meet your requirements then you should go for Free but if you feel that I can not fix the requirement with the FREE then you must go for Pro versions. See It totally depends on you.

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